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Neighborhood Construction Rights

Construction in the neighborhood can be a challenge. By knowing your rights, you can help ensure a smooth process for all.

Construction Hours

Standard construction hours are permitted between 7am and 6pm Monday through Saturday.

Exception: shingling may commence at daybreak from May - September. M-S

Construction is prohibited on Sundays and:

        • New Years Day
        • Memorial Day
        • July 4
        • Labor Day
        • Thanksgiving
        • Christmas Eve
        • Christmas Day

The Process

Prior to start

The builder should provide contact information to immediate neighbors plus post signs notifying all of who is building, for whom, and contact information.

During Construction 

The builder should notify neighbors of any major disruptions prior to event. (ie - concrete pours, major deliveries, etc.)

Wrap Up 

Builder is responsible for site spills and damages on neighboring property.

Common Courtesies

Alleys and roads may only be temporarily blocked with active loading and unloading. Driveways should not be impeded.

Sites should be kept clean daily and trash should be contained to trash receptacles on the property.

Lighting on sites should comply with town ordinances and shall be shielded or placed so as not to create excessive glare, a traffic hazard, or public nuisance.

For Help

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